SK process monitor

Cold forging/header

Monitoring forging force at each stations with individual sensors.

Machine : Multi station cold forging machine・Bolt former・Nut former・Header machine

Detect : Process error, tool breakage, feeding error, transfer error, over load

Hot forming

Monitoring forming process on multi-station machines.

Machine : Multi station hot former・nut former

Detect : Process error, tool breakage, feeding error, cut-off drop error,transfer error, overload

Thread rolling

Monitoring rolling force.

Machine : Flat die machine, rotary die machine, planetary die machine

Detect : Wrong size blanks, parts skidding, risers, roll backs

Sheet metal stamping

Monitoring stamping process for machines with total load sensor, die sensor, and angle encoder.

Machine : Punch press machine

Detect : Overload, rising slug, tool breakage

Metal cutting

Easy to install sensors are bolted on to machine parts such as longitudinal or cross slides and measure the cutting forces.

Detect : Tool breakage, crash, trend change in the force signal


The latest SK process monitor can be connected to MES software SK-go! direct through Ethernet and enable MES functions.

Machines without SK monitor can be connected through SK machine terminals.

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