PRODUCT - SK process monitor

Main uses

Monitoring process force for the following metal working process and detecting process error.

  • Cold forging
  • Hot forming
  • Thread rolling
  • Metal sheet stamping
  • Metal cutting and others

Monitoring process force continuously while machine cycle.

Preventing a defective part mixed into good parts by monitoring all parts in-process.

Main advantage

Auto envelope monitoring

Trend monitoring (e.g. detecting tool wear)

Possible to detect a small defect within envelope limit

And more and more..

Refer technical information

Line up


The smallest size
Use basic functions in a limited space

Pamphlet SK200 (pdf)


Small size
Many available options

Pamphlet SK400 (pdf)


Large screen
Many available options

Pamphlet SK500 (pdf)


The largest screen
Many available options

Pamphlet SK800 (pdf)

Main function table

Refer the following document also.

SK Process Monitor series Main functions description (pdf)
SK200 SK400 SK500 SK800
Screen size 4.3" 7" 10.4" 15"
Input channel 8 16 8 32
Max.display channels at same time 2 6 8 8
Mandonic Auto Envelope
Peak monitoring OP OP OP OP
Trend monitoring OP
Foxmatic technique NA OP OP OP
SKQmaster OP
PQI indicator OP
SKPartmaster OP OP OP OP
SKMachinemaster NA OP OP OP
SKPuzzlemaster OP OP OP OP
Mandon NA OP OP OP
SKProtectionmaster NA NA OP OP
DMI/DMA track monitor NA OP OP OP
SKAutomaster OP OP OP OP
Job/batch counter OP OP OP OP
Tool counter NA OP OP OP
SKPressmaster OP OP OP OP

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